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Happy Birthday

And you graced me with your humble presence.

And you held me.

An extra pair of hands across my back.

An extra heart close to mine.

And you are close to me.

The highest peak.

The biggest star.

And I do not dwell in your absence.

I bask in the beauty of your memory.

And recollection serves me well.

Nostalgia mixed with serenity.


And I built you a home in my heart.

Patsy Cline on repeat.

Our heart rocks on the mantle.


And you are my rock.

And you are my heart.

And you are my home.

Sweet dreams of you.

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Life List.

The first time I witnessed death, I was in Alaska.
A bear came close to digging his claws into a man.
Right before my eyes.
But before he could, his body became one with the earth, and silence filled the air.
And silence filled my spirit.

The second time I witnessed death, I was in India.
A young man floating down the river.
The water carrying his crippled legs towards the setting sun.
A mystery then.
A mystery now.

I saw death for the third time on Sunday afternoon.
A quiet summer day.
Birds conversing.
Wind whipping through their feathered breasts.
And all the while a woman, struck by a car, laid in the sun on the corner of my yard.

And at night I see her face.
But it is bruised and broken, semi-hidden from my sight.
Nameless and shattered.
And at night I see her body, deflated and lifeless.
This is the truth that I have created.
My mind wanders through the depths of haunted images.
And I am left debilitated and cold.

But in the morning I wake to find peace.
I see her in her vessel.
The vessel called her body.
Dancing with life.
Her soul carried by happiness and ease.
Warmth and gratitude.
This is the real truth that I have created.
And I will hold this in my heart.
My mind wanders and finds acceptance.
And I am left in the light of life.

"Only when you drink from the river of silence shall you indeed sing.
And when you have reached the mountain top, then you shall begin to climb.
And when the earth shall claim your limbs, then shall you truly dance.”
-Kahlil Gibran

The Life List

1. Breathe love.
2. Surrender to impermanence.
3. Be okay with the unknown.
4. Cherish positive thoughts.
5. Let it go.
6. Believe in yourself, and in others.
7. Explore.
8. Do not fear.
9. Get creative.
10. Find gratitude.

Morning in July
Afternoon in July
Take care.